Personal Statement

I'm passionate about people and am constantly seeking a better understanding of the human condition.
My skills come from practical experiences and master-classes I've taken over the last 10 years as an actor, singer, director, workshop leader and counsellor in training. They fall into several categories but all support the overall idea that if you are present and in full control of your body you are able to communicate with ease, efficiency and clarity. You aren't merely reacting to your circumstances but making a conscious decision on what you do and say.

Achievements, Skills and Experience

Vocal & Singing
I trained for three years as at the Birmingham School of Acting. Classes included a variety of singing techniques and approaches, breathing exercises, vocal dexterity, vocal anatomy and more.
I've performed in front of audiences large and small and am able to adapt and project my voice to a level that is appropriate for the space. Teaching these techniques to help people improve their confidence, clarity, delivery and projection becomes a bespoke exploration in unlocking their body. I then tailor the exercises to suit their needs.
I've created a personalised warm up for actors, singers and speakers based on an anatomical approach, understanding how the body reacts under performance conditions and what it needs to support and sustain itself. How to centre yourself and how to give gravitas to your speech through posture and diaphragmatic support. Singing is an extension of speech at an athletic level. If you can harness the support required for singing, speaking becomes a breeze.
Physicality & Body language
I trained for three years as in a wide range of movement from ballet, tap, jazz to stage combat. These disciplines make you aware of your body and how unwanted tension can get in the way of you being free to react and perform.
Through my continuous study of people and behaviour I have gained insight into how these components affect people’s judgements of you and how a slight tweak can sometimes make a big difference.
Spoken language and presentation
I have taught sight reading and language analysis to actors. They become able to pick up a speech and deliver it with not only clarity but are able to put subtle nuances in in order sculpt the picture they want to get across to their audience.
As a director you become aware of how small differences make big changes in your perceived intention. Changing inflection, a word or emphasis can be the difference between alienating your audience and getting them on board with your message/vision.
Training as a counsellor has led me to develop my listening skills and see how it is a key component in understanding an individual. This has allowed me to become a better colleague, friend and partner: both personally and within a work environment.
I have led workshops and role-play sessions with actors, shop workers, managers and CEOs.
The main focus is to allow the individual to be:

  • Present and in the moment so they are focused on the task at hand and not distracted by external influences.
  • Conscious of their body so it isn't inhibiting their performance or affecting how they are coming across to others.
  • Confident that they are presenting the best version of themselves.
  • Open and able to listen to and understand what someone else wants.

Relevant Employment History

September 2015 – Present: Pi-Partnership. (UK), Coach/Trainer.
Working in break out groups I have led sessions on creating gravitas and authority through vocal support.

March 2015 – Present: Kinetic Future Ltd. (UK), Coach/Trainer.
Here I have led and assisted workshops for various corporate companies. I have helped individuals improve their presentation skills, vocal techniques and people skills.

September 2012 – December 2014: CCC Events Ltd. (UK), Event host.
CCC organise corporate team building events across the country. I have hosted Murder Mystery evenings as Sherlock Holmes, been a “Dragon” in Dragons Den and also hosted an “Apprentice” day for Warner Brothers as Lord Sugar. Working with the company’s brief we tailor experiences to suite the client’s need. The main focus is on improving communication skills, gaining self-confidence and team building.

August 2012 – August 2013: Libra Europe Ltd. (London), Customer Sales Executive.
I generated and procured meetings for the consultants that specialise in frontline leadership development and creating productive sustainable cultures within businesses. I liaised directly with the CEOs and PAs of companies including (amongst others) RBS, HSBC, Lloyds, Sainsbury’s, and MasterCard.

July 2012: TeamGym (Warwickshire), Corporate Training Workshop Leader.
I delivered workshops to coach all levels of staff at B&Q (from the store members to head office managers). This consisted of talking through and roleplaying conversations they were likely to have within B&Q’s new company structure, where high support with high challenge was required. Through these workshops the team felt confident in the knowledge that they could grow under a sustainable support structure whilst feeling comfortable questioning why the decisions were being made.

January 2010 – August 2010: American Guild of Variety Artists (Studio City, CA), Employee Contract Negotiation and Office Manager.
Bringing my performance skills and knowledge to the corporate environment, I became a member of the contract negotiation team for all Universal AGVA employees. Here I communicated to Universal Studios how both parties could benefit from better working conditions. We achieved a new collective bargaining agreement in 2010. I then became the office manager for AGVA, liaising with entertainment venues and organizing site specific performances, running the union’s membership and facilitating member relations.